Arty Mummas - LIVE!

Life-changing times need creative life-changing spaces 

Talking, exploring and making art workshops

for mums, babies and children

East London - 5 week programme Monday June 21st 10-12 am 

Connect, reflect, and get real support as new mums - and have a ton of fun!

‘This was so brilliant; It's so important to do things where you remember aspects of your personality that are perhaps slightly pushed aside now we're busy anxious first time mothers’ - Zoe

"The best thing I did on mat leave" - Tessa            


"Great to celebrate being a mum" - Afia

'Brilliant to actually create something for myself when I feel like all my energy is about giving out" - Lucia

‘I talk a lot about the practical nature of having children but I rarely talk about the bigger picture about how my life has changed and what that means to me. These sessions were really interesting also to hear other people's experiences’ - Shobhana


Arty Mummas is a 5 week 'talking and making' space for non-artists.

NO EXPERIENCE Necessary...being a Parent is all!


Arty Mummas is about talking and sharing with other mums just like you - in the early stages of our journeys as parents.  


It's also about using our innate creativity and imagination to express our feelings and experiences through making images.


Each week is themed and I send you inspirational info to get you thinking about these themes each week; Arty Mummas is about the highs and lows of birth and new beginnings, changing identities, our relationships, being and becoming a mother, the night times, the love and the bonding.  


Arty Mummas is all about changes and transitions

Arty Mummas is about celebration and connecting with other women about your realities and experiences at one of the most intense moments of our lives - just as we begin our parenting journeys.  As we begin our matrescence process of becoming a mother.  






The programme is designed to create a safe and brave space to discuss, debate and share from a heart felt place so that we create bonds and community at a moment of intense emotional and physical change. 

How it works

The first session will be where we meet each other and begin our journey together as Arty Mummas.  Each week I will email really simple instructions for thinking about the theme and how to approach ideas and images.   I'll be asking you to think about all your experiences as new mums or mums of second children.  I'll be giving you prompts that you can use for creativity and/or writing.  

Don't get worried by the 'arty' bit - this programme is for non-artists and I have a 100% tried and tested format to help you into the place of thinking about images that feel right to describe how you are and what you are going through. And none of this will take loads of time either!  I get that we are time poor :)

The sessions will be about talking and telling, showing and sharing.  The groups are for us to create commonality and community.


Of course babies and children will be with us all the time and are part of the sessions. The sessions are in person in E7 (Forest tavern) and will be very informal and if you want to eat, feed, change then that's all part of how we roll on Arty Mummas.


On-boarding info

After you book on I will send you all the onboarding info and where to come.  


We will set up a private online space to share our group chats and arty makings as we go along through the weeks.  Babies and children are totally involved too but the focus of Arty Mummas is on you and your needs.

The groups will be small and safe and expertly facilitated with a focus on offering warmth, space to think, support and fun.  

ANY women is welcome to join a group and children and babies are of course intrinsic to this work.  I will happily help you find creative tasks for older children to do if you need to bring them along to the sessions and offer ideas via email. My experience has shown me that everything is possible with a baby or toddlers in tow - it may just need a bit of prep and thinking.  Women with toddlers and older kids are very welcome too - and of course screens are VERY useful for short blocks of time where we need to get stuff done :). 

Sessions are 2 hours long and take place in person at the Forest tavern. E7.

The entire 5 week course is £135.00 per person and this can be paid in two instalments (just contact me if you want to set this up).

Please book via the contact form here with your name and baby/child name and age and then by paying the course fee via the BUY NOW button on this page. 
Places are limited and will fill up very quickly so book early. The course will be a small group.

Thanks! Message sent.

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What past Arty Mummas say about doing this programme:

Thanks kelly for the great group, So glad to have done this on both my Mat leaves.  It's been amazing to open up to such lovely and understanding people.  Its really helped me to reflect on myself and my life as well as gain some confidence. Its also made me realise that I have a passion to continue to do art. And above all meet all you lovely ladies. 

Thank you for creating a nurturing and encouraging women's circle to delve into the new emotions, worries and pleasures that motherhood brings. Your format of processing our thoughts and emotions in a supportive network with such amazing women on similar journeys while being able to see the progress through creative outlets has been invaluable in comforting me in this transition.

Thank you for creating a safe space to explore my feelings about the huge changes in motherhood, through discussions and artwork.  It has been such a blessing to have that time focussed on myself and my experience.  Ive also loved the group setting and hearing about the experiences of others and provides a useful perspective to frame my own thoughts and feelings.

Your courses ( I've been on two!) are so enlightening and women are so similar in motherhood with the challenges we face, its incredibly supportive to have a safe space like that in which to share. Plus we have some artwork to show for it which has been so fun and I am so happy that I was able to actually produce anything.  I don't think I've drawn since school!

It's been a really special group and experience and has been enlightening for me.  

Thank you again for a most meaningful few weeks.  I feel truly blessed to have found your course and this group of remarkable women.  It truly has been a godsend. Thanks you for making such a huge difference to our lives….

The background to this work

I have been running the Arty Mummas programmes since 2016.  This will be the 14th workshop programme in a wide ranging series about postnatal life and art/creativity.  Participants who have attended my courses in the past are known as the 'Arty Mummas' as the focus of these sessions is on you the mother - the parent - the caregiver.


When I work with you in the groups I'll bring all my expertise to the sessions. My coaching, consultancy and facilitation practice arises out of over thirty years professional work in the private, public, voluntary and statutory sectors; my leadership skills gained as CEO, a freelance strategy consultant and chair of multiple teams and projects; my 8.5 years as volunteer Leader and Chair of NCT Newham: my day to day expertise as a local community activist, a focussed artistic creative perspective and over 25 years experience of being in psychotherapy, 16 of which has been in psychoanalysis.  In addition I have a Masters in Social Work (Nottingham University CQSW HCPC), a Diploma in Counselling and Groupwork in the Community and two Bachelor of Arts; in Philosophy and Fine Art (Painting). 

The sessions are a space for you to explore your experiences as well as gain new insights, meet new people, have fun 'creating' and relax as best you can at a time of intense emotions.   My work aims to support parents with some of the challenging aspects and offers a new and exciting avenue to do some self-reflective artwork alongside and with children. 

The theory behind Arty Mummas

The First 1,000 Days of life (pregnancy to two years) are now accepted to be the most significant in a child’s development.  Leading child health experts worldwide (WHO, UNICEF, NCT etc) agree that care given during the First 1,000 Days has more influence on a child’s future than any other time in their life. Ask most parents, and chances are they’ll say that the First 1,000 Days also present some of the most challenging moments in a person’s life. And with each new child comes a whole new set of priorities, dilemmas and challenges.


Arty Mummas is a groupwork and art making process that aims to offer a deeply supportive space for parents during the early days.  The testimonials above show the depth of care Arty Mummas get from their experiences in my groups.  The art making also offers a new way to express feelings and women also say that making the images gives them a sense of achievement at a time when child rearing can feel relentless.

This course is aimed at parents with young babies and young children.  If you are interested or have any queries then please use this contact form on the right to communicate. 

What a wonderful thing to do - and boy did it do me some good to talk with other women who 'get it' and do some art! - Hannah

‘Thank you Kelly, fantastic project and I'm inspired to do some more art’ - Lucy


First 1,000 Days Art Project and Newham Arty Mummas Creative Collective 2019

Previous Courses have been supported by:

Newham Council - Go For It Grants

Newham NCT

Forest Gate Arts

The Gate Library

The Big Lottery Fund