Organisational Development and Consultancy


I set up my freelance Consultancy Business in 2002 and since this time have worked with an impressive range of clients on some very exciting projects.   I am passionate about leadership and organisational development because I want to live in a society of effective, thinking, people who are developing the right structures in the world to deliver on vision.


I started out working in the field of youth, volunteering, participation and citizenship.  I gained the status of being an alumni member of the Windsor Leadership Trust because of my leadership within the national youth sector. Since this time my career has moved into different interesting fields and I have worked for a very diverse range of organisations – large and small. A thread throughout all my freelance work is that I approach the tasks of consultancy with an keen eye on detail combined with a passion for strategy, creativity and leftfield thinking.  Managers and teams tell me that I am refreshing and good fun to work with because I am able to bring new perspectives to problems and challenges using grounded knowledge, direct clear communication, expertise and strategic thinking.


You and your team or organisation may need the work of an external person for various reasons – here is just a sample…


  • You may need specialist capacity to help the organisation review its vision, mission and objectives – develop a strategic and business plan


  • Funding or environmental changes might mean that specific work related issues need an in-depth review with recommendations for future direction/planning


  • You might want to develop more effective decision-making structures and ways in which users can actively participate in these structures


  • The issue of merger or partnership development may be on the agenda and the underpinning research/due diligence needs to be done to weigh up all the issues at stake


  • Organisational programmes need evaluation, review and redesign


  • New staff start and the team needs help to clarify its' working protocols and direction of travel


  • The Governance functions (Board of Trustees / Company Directors) need a review and development plan set in motion to support best practice.


The best way to approach this kind of work is to meet and discuss what’s going on in your organisation to identify if I can help.


Please see my client list for further information about my past assignments and recommendations.