Bespoke dynamic coaching groups for women

Purpose Planning Mindset Strategy

Do What Makes You Happy! 


A 8 week transformational group coaching programme starts Wednesday April 21st 

to discover and activate your purpose in life NOW

 - Identify what work and activity makes you happy

 -Shift muddled mindsets that are holding you back

 -Craft new ideas into real life action and change  


A chance for some quality thinking Time

Led by Kelly Drake Analytical Coach BA MA CQSA Dip Couns

Take a look at these real life scenarios and see if any describe you...


  •  You feel fed up, confused or frustrated about aspects of your work and possibly your life in general.  You feel time is moving and the career that you began some years ago doesn’t hold the same spark for you. 

  • You were furloughed or made redundant or possibly had time to rethink your worklife and what really excites you about work but feel stuck and not sure how to do things differently

  • You harbour a passion or creative venture you would love to do more of, and possibly monetarise, but stumble at the first thought about taking your idea to market or making it into a business.

  • You have an idea for a 'side hustle' (a new small busines idea you can run alongside your present work) but you are not doing it.

  • You have been out of work for a while, lost some confidence and a sense of who you are.

  • You feel overwhelmed - not really clear about what the possible work paths are that are open to you or you have a range of all sorts of random ideas but not sure where to start

  • Your lockdown experiences have opened your eyes to exciting new passions and possibilities but nothing is really formed or started; you just know you need a change

  • You have connected parts of your life that were disperate and come up with a possible new way or plan you could action, but you are not doing it as yet.

  • You feel nervous or anxious about making changes, or concerned about what others might think and say if you suddenly pivot into a new direction.

  • And... you are totally fed up of seeing other people doing what you want to do but you're just not doing it yourself?

What's exciting and different about my programme?

The motivation to design this programme comes from my 15 years experience of coaching people just like you; professional people who come to a realisation that there's more to life but for one reason or another are stuck.  
Helping people like you to 'unstick' yourself is totally my thing.  
I am on a mission to help busy high-achieving people face the big questions in their lives and the work one is really important to me.  If we are happy in work, living our lives on purpose then this has huge benefits for our families, our relationships, our community, our systems and ultimately the planet.
The programme is designed around my a step by step 'Do What Makes You Happy System' to help you become aligned with purpose and create your strategy - your blueprint.  I will take you through a creative process of learning and discovery. I will 'hold space' for you and the group to explore, learn, discover and generate new and exciting ideas about the work you are meant to be doing. You will put new ideas into action and take the next step - whatever that is for you. 

COST of places on this programme

Early bird rate  - paid before April 3rd £550.00 per person

Earlybird VIP paid before April 3rd (includes 90 min 1:1 coaching session with Kelly to be taken at any time of the course to accelerate and focus the journey) £695

Places booked after April 3rd

Programme rate £695

VIP Programme Rate £850

 Places are limited on the course and will book up fast



About Kelly A Drake


Kelly is The Transition Coach - on a mission to help people with the big questions of life.  A multiple award winner, she is known for her incredible ability to motivate, inspire and enable people to transform potential ideas into great things. Indeed this is something she has done time and time again in her own life.  Renown as having a 'one-woman dynamo' approach to life, she is famous for her sense of humour, direct approach and deep intuition and empathy.  


This energy is backed-up and demonstrated by a successful and lucrative portfolio career arising from over 30 years experience of leadership, strategy and organisational development; three BA and MA degrees; in Philosophy, Fine Art and Social Work, and additional qualifications in Counselling, Groupwork and Coaching. Kelly's leadership abilities have enabled her to manifest many exciting new projects and programmes; she was a National Charity CEO at 28 years old, she grew a somewhat dormant branch of a national parenting charity to award winning status and at the same time had three children as a solo mum in her 40's and launched the Arty Mummas Creative Collective. She has been running transformational group programmes for many years. 


'Do what Makes You happy' brings together her passion and expertise in helping people to dream big and work out what happy work lives could look like. Her expertise gained from deep engagement in the arts, in coaching, in psychoanalysis, in innovation and strategy and in making stuff happen means she is adept at helping people create workable plans and strategies to move themselves forward. She is an artist and a creative thinker and draws insights and ideas from an eclectic and wide range of spaces and people including artists, leadership and management gurus, alternative practicioners, business strategists and thought leaders in her field.




Imagine being part of a small online group of like minded 'travellers', all of whom are signed up to the same commitment as you and want to do more of what makes them happy.


Imagine creating a dynamic network of cheer-leading friends and colleagues all focussed on moving forward together; a community where you can test out ideas in a safe space so that taking action really doesn't feel scary at all. 

Imagine if you could join a community of fellow travellers and breathe life into your work dreams. 


 Imagine feeling really happy about what you are doing and being able to share this.

Expert coaching support

Weekly dynamic group online coaching calls (recorded and available throughout the course)

where questions are answered, solutions discovered and you can get clear on strategies, stumbling blocks and ways that work.  


Draw on the enormous expertise Kelly has gained during her 30+ years of working with people to identify and put purpose driven plans and strategies into action.  Benefit from her remarkable expertise in locating values and purpose in work, personal and business confidence development (sorting out imposter stuff), influencing,  networking, planning and strategising for success and lots more. 

Time to think together about what works and what really gets in the way of us doing what we need to do to make our ideas into action. 

Step by step strategies for success 

Weekly themed modules and emails sent direct to you full of easy to follow teaching, exercises and trigger questions to move you on in your journey.


Content will include lots of creative tasks, exercises, journaling prompts and trigger questions all focussed on the application of the theory of change, creative process development, creative planning tools and strategic prompts to take you to the next step on your plan to do what makes you happy.

Imagine learning how to put your new plans and creative ideas into action so you can do it again and again. 

Access to an online confidential community where you will be able to ask questions and get ideas and coaching support from Kelly and the group on a daily basis.

What people say about working with Kelly...


"Thank you again for a most meaningful programme.  I feel truly blessed to have found your course and this group of remarkable people.  It truly has been a godsend. Thanks you for making such a huge difference to our lives….


"Your format of processing our ideas, thoughts and emotions in a supportive network with such amazing people on similar journeys whilst being able to see real progress through creative outlets has been invaluable in driving me through this transition


"Kelly, your courses ( I've been on two!) have been so enlightening"

"It's incredibly supportive to have such a safe space to explore this stuff.  

Your teachings and insights are invaluable"


How much time will this take out of my week?

The weekly coaching calls will be 1.5-2 hours long and will be ONE morning A WEEK 10.30am-12 BST. In addition to this I will send everyone a recorded learning module to watch or listen to - this will take around 10 mins per week to read and digest.  The time you spend on the course will obviously be dictated by your situation.  If you are not currently working then you will have lots of time to really deep dive into the process and so on.  On the other hand if you have work, a family and other commitments then of course time will be limited and you will have to decide at the outset what kind of time allocation you can spare to the course.  We will deal with this in the opening session. I would hope that you will be able to spend at least two hours per week on the programme to get the minimum benefits and then if you can spend more time then you will move forward faster.  And of course - because of the way this course is presented you will infact be working on your issues at a unconscious level throughout the process.  In this way I plan the course to be immersive on a range of levels. 

I am working full time during the day - will I miss out the coaching calls?

I would suggest (and this may be tricky for some) that if you want to do this programme and you are working full time that you talk to your boss/supervisor about being allowed to take 1.5 hours off per week every Wednesday morning as CPD / work-related training or TOIL etc.  Employers are far more aware these days of the need for staff to be happy and thinking about their well being, personal and professional development. You will be learning loads of new skills via the work we do together and it will all be deeply transferable for your leadership and ability to take initiative in your organisation. The workshop calls will be recorded and sent to you each week as a record and can be replayed and watched at any time.  In addition you can post questions and queries on the daily online platform and get issues cleared up immediately this way too.

I am a parent with kids at home - they may be 'in the room' with me and I may have to look after them at the same this OK?

YES of course...everyone is welcome.  I am totally used to having kids in the space.  I've got three of my own and should schools close then they will be at home with me too so I will have to juggle as well.  Such is life at the moment :)

What tech do I need?

You will need to have access to zoom for the calls and to facebook so you can join the private online community.  I will send details of all of this once you are booked onto the course.

Do I need access to any other materials?

You will need a notebook and pens.  In addition, and because I use creative methods in the groups we may be drawing, writing, or making stuff. It would be great therefore if you have access to a cheap set of paints, felt tips (kids standard is totally fine), brushes and some A3 paper.  Creative expression will come in all sorts of ways and so could be a poem, notes, a song, some music etc etc.  Access to all of this seems to be wide scale these days so no need to have anything in particular. 

If I miss the live calls will this mean it's not such a good programme for me to do?

I am sure that life will undoubtedly happen and you might miss a call or two and this will be fine.  The replay is there to use as if you are in the room at the time and this is a great back-up - as is the daily online community. Playing a part in the live calls however is proven to accelerate learning as is the sense of community that is important in online groupwork.  Being able to attend at least 30% of the live calls would be beneficial as a good place to check-in live with me and your fellow colleagues as we go through the programme.

Do I have to have set ideas of what I want my work life to be like, or what makes me happy before I do the programme?

NO - not at all.  What you do need to come on the programme with is a positive intention to start to explore ideas and do the work that will help yourself.  My work as coach will be to ask incisive questions and lead you through a process that will open up ideas and thinking so we can work on this together.  Whatever you come on the programme with will be exactly the right place for you to be.   The programme is designed as a journey and it is this journey that will be useful to go on - you won't know what the destination will look like yet.

I'm not an artist - is this programme for me?

This programme is open to anyone and everyone but I have added this question because I am known as someone who works with creative processes as a way to unlock ideas and new ways forward. I make no assumption about who will be attracted to the course and what your background will be.  This programme is for anyone who see's themself in the scenarios described above in the yellow circle, and who, when reading this information can feel like there's something in this programme for you.  I will use creative tasks to uncover information and ideas but ALL of my methods are designed with no artistic background needed.  

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes of course - I am happy to set up a payment plan with you.

I am an introvert and/or a bit nervous of joining a group of people online I've never met before and talking about my stuff that's personal - how will it be facilitated?

Safety in groups is really important for me as a facilitator and I work very hard at the beginning and throughout the programme to make sure that we creat the right atmosphere and space to make sure everyone feels that you can contribute and be yourself in the group.  Without this we wont be able to take risks and try out new ideas etc.  Everything we do in the programme is private and confidential to the group and we will make a group agreement at the outset that will act as a tight container.  I am skilled at supporting less vocal people to get involved and find space in groups.  

More questions?  Please click on 'let's talk' on this site - I'm happy to talk about any aspect of this course to check this is right for you.