Do What Makes You Happy ☺

FOCUS – Bold Commitment

“Until one is committed there is hesitancy, the chance to draw

back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative

(and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of

which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the

moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence

moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would

never otherwise have occurred. “

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.

Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” *

The Backdrop

These quotes have followed me throughout my adult life; as posters on the

wall in my kitchen, postcards I had on my student hall of residence mirror, and

advert strap lines on creative acting courses I have completed. I’ve been

schooled in this vibe.

Their essence is key to understanding how transition, change and

transformation works and acts as a great focus for this week as we return to

purpose, vision and aligned action.

Deep diving into the quotes, I find myself thinking about a rich tapestry of

truths; see where these land for you.

So I think about the fact that work is gestating and thoughts are ruminating

around in our minds and bodies for sometimes years and years before they

surface, when we can finally join the dots and make sense of clues and signs.

I think of the nature of hesitancy and how we can reframe this experience

away from a sense of frustration and internal unrest and to instead

understand it as the process of information gathering and connection making.

I think about the fundamental truth that commitment creates totally new

conditions out of which can grow possibility, new opportunities change and

transformation. I think about the concept of ‘drawing a line in the sand’.


It also brings me up against the enormous weight that making a commitment

can feel like and the fear it can evoke and the sense of jumping off into the

abyss, into the unknown. I then think that this jumping off is never really done

without a sense check and that to trust ourselves that we have done all the

checks and balances that we CAN do is useful.

To trust ourselves is key to the journey of doing what makes us happy.

*Quotes attributed to William Hutchinson Murray and Goethe

To trust that if one is having these thoughts and ideas that they come from the

source of us that is good and whole, authentic and able to survive, thrive and


Pace and timing are all key to the process of doing what makes you happy

and understanding the journey you are on and making it a more conscious


Sometimes we need a small shove to move into the transformational space,

sometimes we need holding while we can ruminate on options and do the

sifting and sorting. Sometimes we need to be shown the door and the

threshold through which we can walk so that we can make these last steps

into the new place alone. It is different and personal to each of us and we all

carry our own particular flavour of fear and anxiety dependent on our lives and

situations. I also know that sometimes we just have to jump and trust.

Exercise 1. Reflect on the quotes

Re-read this thought piece so far and let the ideas take seed. Take a 10 min

slot of time and do some journaling about the thoughts you have as you think

about commitment, trust, jumping into the unknown. What else do the quotes

evoke for you? Jot this down.

Where do you feel yourself to be in this process? Get creative…try to depict

this in a fun sketch or picture or timeline; where are jumping towards, what’s

your direction, what are you afraid of, what are you leaving behind, what are

the obstacles in your way that you can see and what may be lying there that is

less conscious? Think write or draw for 10 mins – have fun ☺

Exercise 2. Vision with No limits - Reflect and Dream

Have a look back at the week one thought piece on vision and purpose. Look

at your notes you made from that session and your Ikigai afresh – what do

you notice that you may have overlooked before? Are you clearer on your

purpose now? What refinements are needed? What questions does it raise

for you now?

Now - Think about your vision for your life now – the life you desire to lead –

what kind of a life do you want to have (no limits)? Think about this from the

head, heart and gut levels. What sense do you have of this now? What might

it look and feel like?

Do you have sensations attached to this vision? Is it a practical dream of a

warmer country, travelling around, bigger place, less work, more work, city or

country or both, a creative endeavour, a slower pace? Is it a shift internally?

Perhaps write down where you’d like to live, what you want to be doing, what

work, with whom, how your passions are lived out, what income level you

want, how you want to feel.


PLAY with these ideas. Feel the fear of writing it down but do it too.

Be bold with this vision – no limits. Have fun. Step out of where you are now

and just really be brave bold and audacious! Have a go.

Write for 10 mins – notes are fine – make a list. No fear of failure allowed.



Exercise 3. Think, Reflect and Plan

Have a look back at the week on Purpose into Action – look at the planning

tool that I gave you and have a think about all the issues we have discussed

and covered in all the interim weeks – for example:

• Get mindful of how shame or your fear of failure can disrupt your vision

• Remember your own version of the importer syndrome and be vigilant

• Think about yourself being in transition and transformation

• Get conscious of how those nasty limiting beliefs can bite you on the


• Think about how networking can support your dreams

• What team have you around yourself?

• Don’t forget your self-leadership. You are the leading lady in your life!

Use the structure I suggested in week 2 to make a plan of how to create the

conditions for your purpose and vision to manifest – start to take action now

and create the conditions to bring the dreams into reality.

Set some goals. There is research that shows that if we write goals down we

are much more inclined to work towards them. Writing stuff down helps to

commit to new ideas.

If you were being bold where would you commit? – If you were not listening to

the imposter/limiting beliefs/fear etc – what might you do? If you had the funds

and the time and childcare you needed what might you do then?

Write this down. Where are you stepping into?

Next steps.

4. A final reflection space

So reflecting on the content of this weeks focus above and just sitting with this

– what resonates for you?

• Where would you like to do more research?

• Where are you attracted?

• What shouts out as interesting?

• How does this focus relate to your purpose/work?

• What are you repelled/challenged by?

• Grounding these ideas in your body – what speaks to you regarding

your work endeavours?